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Turnkey PowerBuyer™ Programs

What’s the best way to boost a participant’s ROI at a trade show, conference or other event? Just showing up to the booth is not enough — one needs to not only be truly present, but one also needs to make sure to connect with the right people at the event.

Most show management companies would like to have a “hosted buyer” or similar program, but know it can be logistically burdensome, a drain on site staff, and requires its own level of attention and focus.

Event International’s PowerBuyer services are turnkey programs for event and show organizers, providing a focused solution for exhibitors and influencers alike to make the most of your event.

For Show Management

We take the hassle and distraction out of the equation for event and show managers to provide meeting matchmaking service to your exhibitors without being the staff and logistics burden to your organization.

Buyers have dedicated meeting areas at the show with several hours blocked out specifically for meeting exhibitors. All the benefits — without all the distraction.

For Exhibitors

Geared for matching up exhibitors and buyers, the program is specifically designed to help give new and interesting products a chance in the channel.

Every event has influencers and deal makers — buyers, leaders, media and others. You may have heard of a “hosted buyer” program — but our PowerBuyer program takes meeting matches to the next level.

What have past PowerBuyer participants said?

“We are a small company, in business for less than two years, and we needed an opportunity to bring our products to the attention of some major buyers. Not only did we receive an actual order, in writing [from a national buyer], but we also got commitments from others.” – Sandy Calin of Debbie & Sandy’s Homemade

“I felt the show was very successful, productive and worthwhile. This show was different from other shows in the sense that it was very innovative with the Power Buyer program. This show had a good deal of quality buyers.” – Yaakov Belinsky, VP of Operations and Sales, Upscale Distribution

“The Power Buyer program was excellent. To be able to meet key buyers in the trade was a great opportunity and very productive. We’re looking forward to next year.” – Daphna Sternfeld, Executive, Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute.

“This was a great show! The show was very productive.” – Sam Bloch, Vice President, Laromme

“I would never have had the chance to have a face to face meeting with a major retailer with several hundreds of stores. The Power Buyer program was awesome!” – Brigitte Mizrahi, CEO, Anderson International

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