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Our company was founded in 1984, originally to publish technical content. Event International offers custom event services, with its main office in Westlake Village, California … near Los Angeles.

Our experience not only crosses several decades, and we’ve implemented events on three continents and dozens of cities both in business and consumer spaces. We’ve planned and executed everything from meetings to trainings to conferences, from showcases to pavilions to full exhibit (aka Expo) floors, for events that range from as few as 10 people to over 100,000 attendees.  We’ve created and implemented accreditations on behalf of Microsoft, continuing education approved by associations, and community-based learning.  Our methods can apply to any type of content and market and we have experience in technology, bio-tech, photography, engineering, food, consumer goods, electronics, and more.

Our team has not only advised our clients, and implemented our own events, but regularly speak at events about events.  In our own events alone, we produced 160 days of events, with over 1200 sessions, given by our stable of over 400 unique speakers.  We’ve even served over 45,000 food servings, alongside special activities, and more.

A Proven Track Record

When it comes to serving clients, we have a proven track record.  With almost 200 events and pavilions since 1994, we’ve built quite the clientele. Some of the most notable clients include Apple, IDG, COMDEX, Reed, and others at well-known events such as Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple Expo Paris by Reed, COMDEX, IDG’s Macworld Expos held both in the US and Internationally, LinuxWorld, Internet Commerce Expo, and PhotoPlus Expo. Our experience includes smaller conferences as well — such as Ford Motor Company’s Technical Specialist Conference, Addigy’s certification program, and Microsoft’s Accreditation for MSPs and internal IT for those supporting Apple technologies. We’ve created presentations with expert panels, keynotes by notable speakers, and curriculums to serve the needs of our clients.