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We’re here to serve you. To bring you options. To meet your goals. Frankly, to make you look good.


Your Problems Just Go Away

Our goal is to simply make your event problems go away. Period. We will handle all the related pre-show and on-site arrangements, and do all the leg work, while you maintain control of your budget and final decision making process. Furthermore, we’ll regularly keep you informed and “in the loop”.

We’ll coordinate the outsourcing and management of vendors, present you with the options, solutions, and recommendations, and then implement whatever your selections may be. At each step, you’ll be able to make informed decisions, and maintain control. It is our mission to aid business growth by creating opportunities for buyers and sellers to meet face to face. We provide a total “turnkey” package for the show owner.


Concept to Completion: Converting Visions into Reality

We can take the process from conceptualization, content development, and creative strategy through strategic direction to a successful completion. We take care of every detail including vendor relations, speaker details, conference logistics, and event implementation to produce an event, converting your vision into reality. To learn more about how Event International can meet your event planning and management needs, contact us.