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We can tell you a lot about us — but we’ll leave it to the experts, our clients…



“Xplain Corporation [now branded Event International] is an organization professional to the core. No matter what the problem is, the answer is always “We can solve that! No problem!” It may take quite a bit of shuffling on their part, but you’ll never know – those issues are transparent. And they deliver. What more can you ask for from a service provider?”

– Kristin DeAngelis, IDG World Expo



“Xplain [now branded Event International] has a variety of strengths and talents which have made them invaluable on this and other projects on which we collaborated, strengths I believe you would find equally invaluable. They have a deep understanding of and passion for technology, and a strong empathy for users. For many years, Neil (Xplain’s CEO) has been a distinguished author, speaker, and publisher dedicated to providing insights on technology to both mainstream and more technical audiences. He has the unfailing ability to communicate complex technology in simple terms, and the ability to understand how large groups of people will perceive and use technology both in business and in consumer settings.”

– Sheridan Jones, Director of Business and Strategy, Microsoft



“I was very impressed with the service, feedback and professional dealings of Xplain Corporation [now branded Event International] in managing the pavilion at Internet Commerce Expo. I am extremely pleased with the support from your personnel which helped to make the Expo a pleasant experience. Exhibitor’s expectations for value and quality have never been higher and your company provided a care free environment which allowed us to concentrate on business and promoting Manage.Com.”

– Gina Fiorentino, Marketing Program Manager, Manage.Com



“Everyone at WebEdge, Inc. greatly appreciates your contribution and hard work to the success of WebEdge III. Thanks to Xplain Corporation [now branded Event International] and you, WebEdge can continue to give advance technical support to the Mac OS Internet community. Together we can make cool things happen in the Macintosh Webmaster Community.”

– Jana Bonner, WebEdge, Inc.